Load up and explore, craft and fight in the first beta period of UNITED 1944

Load up and explore, craft and fight in the first beta period of UNITED 1944

Squad up not in one, but two weekends of online team tactics and action in an immersive take on WWII’s battles

Barcelona, Spain, May 16th, 2023 – Following last month’s reveal of UNITED 1944, an action-packed yet tactical FPS that combines shooting, strategy and crafting, and the announcement of the game’s first beta period, Killsquad developer Novarama has decided to extend the action to two full weekends and enlists more people across North America and Europe. View the video invitation to join the ranks on the weekends of May 19-21 and 26-28:

Squad up in 16v16 base conquest matches in the WW2 theaters of North Africa, with more maps, such as France and Russia coming later. This first beta will let players experience the thrilling Domination mode, where you must scavenge for resources, craft weapons, find enemy intel documents, establish outposts, and destroy all enemy bases.

In UNITED 1944, teamwork is the key to dominate in urban warfare. Players will be scavenging for resources, fortifying bases, defending outposts, crafting their gear and fighting the enemy in an immersive take on WWII battles that aims to be realistic yet rooted in fun gameplay. First-person shooter action meets strategy, construction and crafting in a competitive multiplayer game that sets itself apart from your typical aim-down sights experience. 

Live your own war story as you choose how to specialize during each match, featuring a day/night cycle that changes the dynamics of combat. The darkness of dusk calls for recon support, but opens at the same time a window for stealth tactics from enemy ranks against your headquarters. Communication with your squad will be essential to defend and conquer.

Novarama’s late April announcement of the first beta period has attracted many more sign-ups than the studio anticipated and the team is excited to now hold not one, but two intensity-packed weekends in the North African front of WWII. The first weekend, to run from May 19 to May 21, will have its servers based in Europe, while weekend two, dated for May 26 to 28, is set to be hosted on North American servers. Players are free to play in any of the two periods, but the studio encourages everyone to join in the frontlines that better match their region for a more solid online experience. 

To request access to the beta, players will need to click the ‘Join the United 1944 playtest’ button on Steam and join the official Discord server. Please note that submitting a request DOES NOT guarantee that you’ll have access to the Beta, as players will be selected randomly, but the team at Novarama will make their best to fit as many players as technically possible for this very first playtest.

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