Killsquad Brings the Bounty Hunting Spree to PlayStation



Killsquad Brings the Bounty Hunting Spree to PlayStation

A Couch Co-op Dream-Come-True: Killsquad Brings the Bounty Hunting Spree to PlayStation

Novarama’s top-down shooter beats, crushes, and slices the alien scum out of the way on PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4 on July 20th

Barcelona, Spain, July 5th, 2023 – Form up with three friends to slay hordes of aliens and challenging bosses in the 4-player co-op top-down shooter Killsquad that has been enjoyed by more than 350K players on PC. Mixing the action of a hack n’slash brawler with the intensity of a twin-stick looter shooter, Killsquad from developer Novarama is headed to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on July 20th to mete out fast-paced sci-fi combat that Meristation called “one of the most frenetic and deeply polished action games that we have tried this year.”

In Killsquad, play as one of five space-roving bounty hunters as you pursue loot and glory on alien planets teeming with vicious and mythical enemies. Experiment with diverse builds by combining firearms, melee weapons, armor, and unlockable skill trees to take on levels filled with alien fodder and fierce boss battles with friends. It takes quick thinking and quicker hands to survive Killsquad’s bounties. 


  • Top-down combat with a huge number of melee and ranged weapons to experiment with.
  • Online or couch co-op bounty hunting contracts. Jump in mid-mission to support the squad or out-score them.
  • Customizable character builds using weapons, gear, and unlockable skill trees. Survive to claim the bounty and show off!
  • Hordes of enemies waiting to greet you and your expendable crew properly.
  • Glory to the victors. Loot to the survivors. 

Killsquad will be available for $29.99 USD / €29.99 on PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4.

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