Fading Skies Sets its Sights on Steam Next Fest

Fading Skies


Fading Skies Sets its Sights on Steam Next Fest

Fading Skies Sets its Sights on Steam Next Fest

With an Eye to Kickstarter on the Horizon

May 20th – Fading Skies, a fantastical open-world adventure from indie studio Distant Blue, will be making its way soon to Kickstarter but before it does they’re giving you a chance to experience the magic early. As part of Steam Next Fest: June 2024, the team will be releasing a content-packed demo featuring 2-3 hours of exploration & action.

Inspired by the PS2 classics of yesteryear, Fading Skies sees you dash, leap, & glide across a broken but beautiful world. Explore forgotten ruins, unearth ancient technology, and take on corrupted beasts as Ryn, accompanied by her mystical cat-sized dragon companion, on a journey to stop the planet’s collapse and confront her past.

The demo for Fading Skies will be available as part of Steam Next Fest starting June 10th, 2024 and the Kickstarter for the game will launch later this summer, be sure to wishlist the game on Steam and follow it on Kickstarter in order to keep up with all the latest news and to be first to save the broken world!

About Fading Skies
Embark on a vibrant, story-rich adventure, blending elements of classic 3D platformers and modern action-RPGs.

Journey through a broken world as Ryn, a young woman haunted by shadows of her forgotten past. Accompanied by a cat-sized dragon that grants her powerful abilities, Ryn’s quest to unravel her identity is tightly intertwined with the fate of the planet. Only by mending the broken bonds of her past can she hope to restore the future.

Traverse a seamless open world of vibrant meadows, treacherous mountains, serene forests and thundering canyons. Ominous ruins and secrets are waiting to be unearthed around every corner, harboring the stories of lost civilizations, remnants of their ancient technology, and traces of your missing memories. 

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