Deadlink leaving Early Access on Steam



Deadlink leaving Early Access on Steam

Deadlink, a cyberpunk FPS with roguelite elements, is going to be fully released on Steam on July 27th, 2023

Warsaw, Poland, July #th 2023 – Today Deadlink, a guns-blazing cyberpunk FPS with roguelite elements set in the dystopian CORE, sheds its Early Access label to unleash the final version of the game in its full release. Meticulously crafted by genuine fans of the cyberpunk genre at Gruby Entertainment and published by, Deadlink pits you, an agent piloting a mechanized Combat Shell with your conscience, against several distinct and deadly corrupt megacorporations.

Join the Corporate Security Agency, which, contrary to the name, exists solely to keep megacorporations in check, often by infiltrating their territory and wreaking havoc with plausible deniability. The Agency’s main weapon is you, a disembodied agent able to pilot humanoid Combat Shells using a flash-copy of your conscience. And it’s up to you to prove through a series of simulations that the CSA’s “Deadlink Protocol” is as strong a tool against corpos as its creators propose.

Deadlink’s full release version brings the total number of enemy corporations up to five by introducing the nanotech company Femto, a former Silicon Valley startup that seemed aimed at a bright and optimistic future only to morph into a far more dubious entity. Not to be outpaced, the CSA also received a new playable Combat Shell. The makerverse-designed Juggernaut will help you face off against nano-augmented opponents with a monstrous sawed off shotgun and a heavy flak cannon.

Deadlink is out on Steam on July 27th! Gruby Entertainment and can’t wait to see players engaging enemies, testing different Combat Shell loadouts and putting a dent in the corrupt corporate hegemony.

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