Wyverns Roost in a Brand-New Map and Game Mode Coming to Warhaven on January 10th!

The Hangar will be open for business as part of the mid-season update in Warhaven’s Pre-Season 2!

 Seoul, South Korea, January 10th, 2023 — Nexon is excited to share that brand-new content is scheduled to drop today as part of Warhaven’s Pre-Season 2 mid-season update! The new content includes the first of Warhaven’s indoor maps “The Hangar”, a new 12v12 reclamation game mode, as well as a handful of in-game events that will run in parallel with Twitch Drops campaigns where players will be able to obtain unique rewards. Pre-Season 2 officially kicked off on December 14th and all the new content will be available later today! 

The Hangar is a unique location in the Warhaven universe, home of the wyverns used for transportation to and from the battlegrounds of the immortals. The Hangar serves as both an airbase for troop housing and deployment and as a safehouse for the storage of Divine Stones, magical artifacts reclaimed from battlefields around the world. A large-scale, 12v12 variant of the reclamation game mode will be available exclusively in The Hangar. In this variation, teams are tasked with securing a Divine Stone, transporting it to a predefined evacuation point, and escaping with it before their opponents. The indoor nature of the Hangar will open strategic opportunities for soldiers to either push the frontlines and drive the Divine Stone forward, or flank the opposing team and reduce their numbers by attacking when they least expect it. The map also sports both daytime and nighttime versions. 

In addition to the new map and game mode, this mid-season refresh will also feature new in-game events. The “Artic Hangar” event will run from January 10th to January 24th, The “Jade Dragon Rising” event will run from January 24th to February 7th. Both events will feature rewards such as skins for your favorite soldiers, avatars, and profile cards and will run in parallel with Twitch Drops campaigns.

Warhaven is a PvP medieval fantasy brawler that pits two teams of 12 players against each other in thrilling objective-based multiplayer battles. Players are encouraged to play strategically by choosing from a varied roster of playable characters, each with unique roles and abilities. Once per match, players are prompted to transform into powerful Immortals, capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor. 

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