FLASHOUT 3 – Reveal Trailer – Anti-gravity racing game coming to PC & consoles!

The most explosive anti-gravity racer is back! FLASHOUT 3 coming to PC & consoles later this year! Where high speed meets high stakes. Where unforgiving combat, loud electronic music and addictive boosts of adrenaline mix up to separate winners from losers. Where gravitation is nothing more than an empty word. This is where the world of FLASHOUT 3 will take you and your ride to the absolute li...[Read More]

KILLSQUAD Launch Trailer – 2019 STEAM ARPG

Unleash hell on KILLSQUAD, the online action RPG coming to Steam on Early Access. KILLSQUAD is coop RPG for 4 players where bounty hunters raid planets for loot and glory. Focus is on short sessions, action game control, online coop. Pick your hero, evolve him mid-mission with level ups, weapons and gear, and cooperate with your squad members to survive. KILLSQUAD is built on Unreal Engine to reac...[Read More]

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