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Headup unleashes hordes of undead onto PS4 & PC wi

8/24/2018 12:19:33 AM

Today Headup unleashes hordes of undead onto PS4 & PC with Hero Defense

Stop Lord Necrosis' and his masses of enemies in this unique mashup of RTS, tower-defense and RPG!

August 16th, Düren, Germany - Headup and Happy Tuesday unleash the undead onto PS4 & PC today. Hero Defense lets you  create your own strategies to fight off vampires, skeletons, angry  witches and many more gruesome creatures - with style!

Hero Defense innovatively mixes together RTS and tower-defense game elements. In particular, RPG elements add enormous depth by  providing players with a large variety of ways to improve the heroes'  many abilities. Prove your tactical prowess by utilising the most  effective combinations and create your own unique playstyle.

Help vampire hunter Jack Sanders and his tough group put an end  to the undead scourge once and for all. Jack comes from an old noble  family of vampire hunters who have fought the darkness for generations.  But this quest is more than just business to Jack - this time it's  personal!

Count Necrosis is none other than Jack's own father, who  betrayed everything his family stood for by embracing the very darkness  which claimed so many of the family's lives. In response, Jack swore to  hunt down and kill Count Necrosis in order to redeem the family name.  But when the time comes, will Jack be able to plunge a stake into his  father's heart?

Igors and Werwolves - they just want a hug!

You will rebuild an entire town to get  access to even more upgrades, advancements, skill trees, runes, magic  spells and a whole arsenal of modifiable weapons. Figure out which  combos work best for you, in Hero Defense the possibilities are limitless!

Due to its dark fantasy setting - including vampires, werewolves and Igors (assembled with love!) – Hero Defense will appeal to a wide spectrum of players as well as providing them  with novel challenges. In addition, you will encounter bosses, such as Bones O'Malley and Doctor Amalgam, the Igors' creator.

All five heroes' abilities are tailored around their rich backstory,  reflecting their individual personalities. Improve them in multiple ways  to match your gameplay style. In the end, though your strategy skills  will determine whether you succeed or fail: combine your heroes'  strengths and coordinate their movements efficiently. Shrines and strong  auras will serve as natural ideal spots whose usage will be inevitable  to defeat the hordes of sinister enemies.


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