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Geheimnisnacht introduces Grudge Marks

10/28/2021 8:45:54 PM

Geheimnisnacht introduces Grudge Marks

The Grudge Marks is a free update that brings an amplified challenge to  the Chaos Wastes expansion of Vermintide 2, which will make the players  face mutated enemies. The Chaos Wastes expansion was released earlier  this year and is free for anyone that owns Warhammer: Vermintide 2.  

Geheimnisnacht including Grudge Marks is a free update available on PC and consoles today.

Geheimnisnach and Grudge Marks Trailer

No Snoozing
There’s a clock on the Geheimnisnacht event, it starts today and ends on November 8. Grudge Marks are forever.

Grudge Marks 
Face stronger monsters than ever before. The Grudge Marked monsters are  identified by two spears poking up through their backs. Depending on  difficulty each Grudge Marked monster has a set of attributes that  modifies their defensive and offensive behaviour. We are adding 10  attributes in this update. Grudge Marked monsters can only be found in  Chaos Wastes.


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