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Platformer ITORAH Headed to Windows PC

10/4/2021 9:32:49 PM

Meso-American-Inspired Platformer ITORAH Headed to Windows PC Later This Year

In ITORAH, the lush and verdant land of Nahucan is under threat from a deadly and mysterious plague! It’s up to the titular Itorah — who appears to be the last human left — to battle her way across  multiple gorgeous biomes, combatting deadly foes and the even deadlier  landscape to stop the threat and save the land of Nahucan. 

In ITORAH,  you can experience a charming mix of 2.5D action-platformer, coupled  with streamlined Metroidvania features, a beautiful  Meso-American-inspired art style, crisp controls, a mature story, and  epic building! 

ITORAH harkens back to the Nintendo Gameboy titles that inspired the team at  Grimbart Tales. A loveable and scrappy cast of characters, a looming  evil that threatens a colorful fantasy land, and of course,  progressively more difficult platforming elements are but a few of the  genre hallmarks awaiting you when the game drops later this year.


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