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Sonic Dash Surpasses 500 Million Milestone

9/16/2021 2:32:50 PM

Celebrate Fast Times! Sonic Dash Surpasses 500 Million Milestone as Fans Honor 30th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog


Beloved IP continues to drive mobile game download growth from loyal global fan base


Burbank, CA — September 16, 2021 — SEGA of America,  Inc. today announced that its hit mobile game Sonic Dash has surpassed a  major milestone on mobile devices. Since initially launching in 2013,  the game has achieved more than 500 million downloads worldwide. The  endless runner game, which stars the famous blue hedgehog running,  dashing, jumping, and spinning across stunning 3D environments, is the  most played Sonic mobile game ever!


Sonic Dash's major milestone also falls during the 30th Anniversary of  Sonic the Hedgehog, which SEGA is celebrating with fans around the  world! From the small mobile screen to the silver screen, the Blue Blur  is still capturing the hearts of audiences. Last year saw the first  live-action movie release of Sonic the Hedgehog, and now the next chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is hotly anticipated to release next year in 2022.


Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka: "Achieving over 500 million downloads is a  huge testament to the endurance of the Sonic brand and the truly fun,  timeless gameplay of Sonic Dash. We appreciate our loyal fans as well as  our partnership with both Apple and Google for their enduring support  in showcasing Sonic Dash in the App Stores. This milestone could not  have been achieved at a better time!”


SEGA HARDlight’s Studio Director, Neall Jones: "We continue to be amazed  at Sonic Dash’s loyal fans and how the game is still driving millions  of new downloads every month. A massive thank you to all Sonic Dash  fans. We look forward to continuing to provide you with new and  innovative in-game events built around the ever-expanding Sonic  universe, for years to come."


Sonic Dash was developed by HARDlight, a SEGA of Europe studio. The  studio is also behind another wildly popular mobile multiplayer runner:  Sonic Forces. HARDlight produces regular events in Sonic Dash, featuring  collaborations with highly recognized IP. Starting Friday, September  17, fans can also join a special event in Sonic Dash, honoring this 500  million milestone.


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