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'Armed Heist' Adds Co-Op Multiplayer Support To Cr

3/31/2021 10:39:10 PM

Breathtaking ‘Armed Heist’ Adds Co-Op Multiplayer Support To Critically Acclaimed Third-Person Shooter On iOS® & Android™

Empty The Vault With Your Friends!


Nyköping, Sweden, March 31st, 2021: Game developer and publisher SOZAP AB is proud to announce the official release of the latest version of critically acclaimed multiplayer shooter Armed Heist suitable  for any gamer looking for the ultimate thrill, in which you face off  against the cops in more than 70 challenges. On this exciting robbery  spree, you take out law enforcement, rob armored trucks, and empty  vaults! Armed Heist is  a massively popular game with more than 15 million downloads since it  launched two years ago and has been featured numerous times on the  digital app stores.


Game Trailer:


Armed Heist challenges you to become a legendary bank robber in this outstanding mobile experience now updated with new multiplayer heist jobs and three brand new exciting maps, allowing you to rob together  with your friends or organization. Suit up, gear up, and go for the  dough in third-person perspective, creating a mesmerizing and  sensational game as you target and take-out opponents.


Armed Heist features  an incredible customizable weapons system by which you can build the  wildest, modified guns imaginable.  With more than 30+ pistols,  shotguns, snipers, and assault rifles available for the taking, you can  add accessories such as sights, suppressors, grips, barrels, stocks, and  killer skins. Your crime map will help guide you to targets of  interest; choose carefully as you pinpoint your next job from a wide  selection of low-security banks, armored trucks, jewelry stores, docks,  airports, casinos, and much more!


Armed Heist offers  to pimp up your character in the most outrageous and cool outfits ever!  Want to be a Halloween robber? Santa Clause? A badass wannabe gangster?  A killer clown? Dodge flying bullets on your mission to become a crime  lord in a city where backing out and fleeing is for losers. This game  has it all, and you can earn skins, masks, bulletproof vests and  outfits.

Armed Heist is available from here:




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