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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Kicks Off Collaboration Event w

12/28/2020 10:24:30 AM

THE ALCHEMIST CODE Kicks Off Collaboration Event with The Rising of The SHIELD HERO This December

Defend Babel from the Disastrous Waves with The Rising of The SHIELD HERO

SOUTHEAST ASIA – December 28, 2020 – gumi Inc announces the newest collaboration this December between THE ALCHEMIST CODE and The Rising of The SHIELD HERO. From December 28, 2020 until January 20, 2021, players can participate in events, earn rewards, summon The Rising of The SHIELD HERO characters, and get Melty Melromarc from The Rising of The SHIELD HERO for free.


In this collaboration, players can look forward to:


Collaboration Login Campaign


Log in to THE ALCHEMIST CODE daily during the collaboration period (Dec.  28, 2020 to Jan. 20,2021) to obtain rewards! Players can get up to 500 x  Gems, 70 x Soul Shard Summon Ticket (only for collaboration units), 100  x Filo Apples, and 15 x Otherworlder Enlightenment Shard.


Summonable Collaboration Characters


Players can summon iconic characters from The Rising of The SHIELD HERO to aid the players’ quest to conquer the waves in Babel.


Collaboration Units:

  • Naofumi Iwatani: The Shield Hero, one of the Four Cardinal Heroes  in the country of Melromarc from a parallel world. Though his defense is  nearly impenetrable, he doesn't have much in the way of offensive  power.
  • Raphtalia: A swordfighter in the country of Melromarc from a  parallel world. A half-racoon demi-human, she is honest and  straightforward. Saved by Naofumi at a young age, she has dedicated  herself to fight alongside Naofumi as his sword.
  • Filo: A creature known as a Filolial Queen in the country of  Melromarc from a parallel. Though she belongs to a bird-like monster  species called filolials, she has the ability to shapeshift into the  form of a young girl. Having a natural affinity for wind-type magic, she  is able to use it to her advantage in battle.

In celebration of this collaboration, players will get Melty Melromarc  for free by simply completing the Collaboration Quest Episode 1.


Collaboration Memento Summon

  • Light within the Shield Hero (5 Memento): Money,  status, friends. A hero who was betrayed and lost everything he had,  and then shut his heart away from the world. A single ray of light  shines before him. "I am your sword. Where you go, I will go with you!"  Never straying from his side, she is the blade that cut a path for the  both of them. She regards the bracelet he gave to her as her greatest  treasure. It is because he has that sincere sword at his side that he is  able to continue his journey to shield the world from ruin.
  • Second Princess’ Wish (5 Memento): The  young future queen Melty is delighted by all these new experiences: a  friend of the same age, camping outside, and even water fights! Yet it  will disappear one day, like the refreshing and unrelenting barrage of  bubbles. "Haha, Melty! You're totally soaked, just like me!" Melty's  heart is full with the joy of fun. She hopes that even as time passes,  she can hold onto the echoes of it. Maybe if she had some memento of it  in the form of something like the beautiful hair ornament Filo wears...  She silently makes her wish.

Collaboration Events Quests

  • Normal Quest: Clear Collaboration Quest Episode 1 to obtain a free event-limited unit – Melty Melromarc.
  • EX Quest: Clear the event quests to also get unique job equipment and gear for The Rising of The SHIELD HERO collaboration units.
  • Collaboration Alchemia Port Raid Quest: Cooperate with Alchemia Port members to defeat bosses and get to the top 100 rankings and obtain limited emblems!
  • Filo Apple Garden: Available once daily, clear  Filo Apple Garden to obtain the Special Collaboration Apple. The Special  Collaboration Apple collected can be used to increase their unit's  Experience. Players can get up to 32,500 EXP from this event.
  • Orange Balloons Everywhere: In this quest, players  will receive drops of shards which can be crafted into the  collaboration event limited gear “Orange Balloon”, gear which greatly  lowers probability of activating reactions for one turn. Upon completion  of the missions, players will also earn limited collaboration titles.
  • Fierce Battle Quest: Earn Fierce Battle Coins and  exchange them for items! You can also get a limited title by clearing  the quest mission from the hardest difficulty!
  • Shards Quest: Unit’s shard quest will be made  available once the player owns the collaboration units. Shard Quest is  available for Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, and Filo.

THE ALCHEMIST CODE is a free-to-play app (with in-app purchases) available through the App Store, Google Play and on the Amazon App Store.


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