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New Hero and Story Chapter Revealed for Guardian T

9/22/2020 1:58:57 PM

New Hero and Story Chapter Revealed for Guardian Tales

World  9’s story chapter has players rescue the inhabitants of Kanterbury from  the evil Rah Empire. New hero Bianca reinforces the already 50+ strong  roster as an agile duelist.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands September 22, 2020 —  Kakao Games announced today that players can now continue their quest  via a new story chapter and recruit Bianca to their cause. 

In  this new story chapter, players will be escorting and trying to save  the refugees from Kanterbury, the region players started their adventure  in. Standing in their way however, is the ‘Rah Empire’, an evil faction  that has captured the destitute Kanterbury refugees. It is up to the  player to save them from the terrible fate that the evil Rah Empire has planned for them. 

To  help them explore this new chapter, players can try their hand at  summoning the new hero: Bianca. This ‘Succubus’ wields water-element  powers through her exclusive two-handed rapier. She performs best while  keeping just the right amount of distance while playing. Bianca also  offers an excellent critical chance buff to the entire party, which  allows players to create a group of four heroes that fully suits their  playstyles.

This  update also brings with it various quality of life upgrades. Players  will now have a higher chance at summoning rare heroes, with the added  benefit of a guaranteed four-star equipment summon for every ten summon  attempts. To make the PvP game modes more fair and balanced,  improvements have been made to the PvP matchmaking.


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