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RISE: Race The Future Nintendo Switch Update v1.5

7/19/2020 7:26:11 AM

“Neo-retro” arcade rally racer (available on the Eshop)

With the Update V1.5, Rise: Race The Future on NINTENDO SWITCH™ just got a new Render Engine including a 60 FPS mode.

RISE: Race The Future is a racing game inspired by arcade rally games from the 90's featuring futuristiccars equipped with a boost system. The gameplay mixing arcade and simulation will let you slide on alltype of terrains and especially on water.

Loving popular rally arcade titles from the 90’s and dreaming of mastering powerslides with the easedemonstrated by the best gymkhana race drivers, the team at VD-DEV wanted to combine it all in a new racinggame which would maintain the technical fun of sliding with cars with the dynamics of a proper arcade game.

This new major update features:

    - New Render Engine with physically based rendering (PBR) and new post process

    - 60 FPS mode- Improved graphics- Advanced CPU optimization

    - New shaders

    - Global Data Compression

    - Main Menu at 60 FPS

    - Improved Italian language

Players can look forward to improved loading times, better real time shadow distance, and more. Theywill be able to choose live between two different visual quality settings:

    - The 60 FPS mode for the smoothest animationand more responsive gameplay

    - The 30 FPS mode for higher graphical fidelity

Update available June 25, 2020

Chart comparing the quality settings and improvements:

Released on Nintendo Switch™:


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