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Award Winning Platformer Coming to PS4

9/5/2019 6:32:53 AM

Award-Winning Platformer "In Between"
Soon Available for PlayStation®4

Explore the breathtaking journey of
a man In Between life and death

September 5th, 2019 – In Between, the unique puzzle platformer from Gentlymad and Headup, is set to be released for PlayStation™4 on September 18th. The price will be at $11.99.

This will be your chance to experience this award-winning masterpiece,  wherein you indulge in hand-painted visuals as you embark on an  emotional and psychological journey. Physics-defying puzzles which will  challenge you time and again while reflecting upon the meaning of life  and death. Unveil the story of a man who struggles for existence and  help him come to terms with his own mortality and finiteness.

In the game the player reflects on the life of a dying family father,  living through his lost fight against a terminal illness and his  inevitable struggle for existence. In Between is  more than just a physics platformer, it challenges players to immerse  themselves in a thoughtful story that is at times sad and joyful. That  way it proves one more time that games can be a form or art.

Challenge yourself in physics-defying puzzles and
face a story with both sad and joyful moments


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