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Vambrace: Cold Soul – Out Now on Steam

9/3/2019 12:49:27 PM

Discover the World of "Vambrace: Cold Soul" in its 3rd Feature Trailer

Feature Trailer #3: Exploration of Icenair

June 04, 2019 – Headup and Devespresso Games invite you to explore the world of Vambrace: Cold Soul in  a series of trailers that showcase the roguelike fantasy-adventure’s  unique systems. Feature #3 will lay a clear path for the icy overworld  of Icenair.


The  cursed city is a truly hostile place. Each new room contains randomly  generated events, ranging from traps, campsites, valuable treasure,  merchants, strange encounters, and enemies. You never know what's gonna  happen next, so stay alert. Also, always keep an eye on your  Geist-o-meter, which measures the Ghost Fog and keeps you one step ahead  of the danger pursuing you!

Learn more in the brand-new Feature Trailer #3:

Updates and Patches

The guys from Devespresso  Games are listening to the community’s constructive feedback and are  eager to bring the game to its best possible form. The latest patch, v1.06, was just released on Steam & GOG. That means the team released a new update for the game every single day!

Perhaps  you thought the game was promising, but were initially deterred by its  difficulty, balance issues, or design choices. Many players are  reporting their experience has completely turned around in less than a  week thanks to the updates. Check this list to see if any of your issues  were solved:


  • Character stats have been rebalanced
  • Enemy stats have been rebalanced
  • Combat encounters have been decreased in Neighborhoods
  • The rate at which the Geist-o-meter rises has been decreased and allows more exploration
  • The walking speed in dungeons has been increased
  • All chapters have had their expeditions rebalanced for flow & optimal challenge

New Additions

  • Game Tutorial: It is now accessible anytime from the pause screen.
  • Combat Fast Forward: You can double the speed of combat by holding the Shift button.
  • Recruiting Board: You can now view character stats before you hire them.
  • Relics: You may equip or unequip Relics on your expedition at any time.
  • Shelters:  An all-new addition to the game! Shelters now exist between all  neighborhoods. This allows you reliable times to access & craft  items to replenish your party before moving into the next area. No  longer will your expedition fall victim to RNG.
  • Bullion Chips:  A new loot drop from enemies featuring Gold, Silver, and Copper bullion  chips adds variety to combat encounters. These can be traded to  merchants for hellion (money).
  • New Game +:  The newest feature allows players to access a basic New Game+ mode to  move through chapters faster and unlock costumes and new endings that  would have taken many hours to otherwise.
  • Skip Tutorial: Now available.
  • Steam Cloud Saving: Has been implemented



  • Various typo fixes.
  • Various quest fixes.

And that is just the beginning. The team is hard at work seeking to implement long-term QOL changes as well.


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