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Mutant Year Zero's First Expansion, Seed of Evil,

7/31/2019 4:29:16 PM

Mutant Year Zero's First Expansion, Seed of Evil, is out on PC, PS4, XBox One,  and Switch!

The  expansion for Mutant Year Zero features a new hero, new areas to  explore, a new storyline and many hours of additional gameplay. Seed of  Evil is now available on multiple platforms, including – for the first  time in Mutant-history – Nintendo Switch.

OSLO, Norway – July 31st, 2019 – Publisher Funcom and developer The Bearded Ladies are thrilled to announce that the expansion for the award-winning game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden has been released on PC, PlayStation 4 (retail, digital to follow  soon), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This marks the first time Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is available on Nintendo Switch.

The turn-based tactical adventure game  received critical acclaim for its gameplay, artwork and captivating  characters, when it was released in December 2018. Set in  post-apocalyptic Sweden, the player controls a group of mutants  searching through the ruins of civilization for salvation or simply  something to eat. Using a mixture of stealth and combat strategy, while  evolving your characters through a series of interesting mutations, is  paramount to overcoming the evil that is threatening to eradicate what  is left of decent society.

The expansion, Seed of Evil, picks up where the original story left off, and introduces a new threat for the players to overcome, as powerful  and ominous roots have emerged and seem to be taking control over  peoples’ minds. Fortunately, our team of friendly mutants will be  reinforced by the introduction of a new playable character. Big Khan is a  badass, fire breathing moose, skilled at landing critical hits. He  comes with several unique mutations and offers new and interesting  interactions with Dux, Bormin and the other familiar faces.

“Mutant  Year Zero is a gem,” says Funcom Chief Product Officer Lawrence Poe.  “It has been a privilege to work with our friends at The Bearded Ladies  on this project. They have poured all their passion, creativity and  humor into this game, and the result is truly special.”

Haraldur  Thormundsson, CEO and self-proclaimed Circus Director at The Bearded  Ladies, echoes Poe’s sentiment. “The feedback we got from players after  we released the original game was overwhelming, which makes us all the  more pleased to offer up Seed of Evil, the continuation of the Mutant  year Zero story. We have worked very hard on this and I feel confident  that everyone who enjoyed the original game, will enjoy the expansion as  well.”

Seed of Evil is available on Steam for $ 14.99 (pricing may differ across territories). A Digital Deluxe Edition,  consisting of both the original game and the expansion, is available for  $ 44.99.

The  Deluxe Edition and the expansion are also available for digital  purchase on Xbox One, with PlayStation 4 digital purchase to follow very  soon.

The Deluxe Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch,  making this the first release of Mutant Year Zero on that platform (the  base game and the expansion cannot be purchased separately on this  platform). A launch day patch was  put out for the Switch version within hours after launch, resulting in  significantly improved graphics and performance.

In  addition to the digital release, Mutant Year Zero is now also available  in retail for the first time for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo  Switch. This version is the Deluxe Edition of the game which contains  both the base game and the expansion.


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